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SoundPlus® Pro Courtroom System DescriptionThis two-channel IR courtroom system is the pro’s choice, offering a complete hearing assistance, language interpretation or private listening solution. Features four-channel, selectable, body-pack receivers (can be recharged when used with BAT 026-2 AA NiMH rechargeable...


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SoundPlus® Pro Courtroom System DescriptionThis two-channel IR courtroom system is the pro’s choice, offering a complete hearing assistance, language interpretation or private listening solution. Features four-channel, selectable, body-pack receivers (can be recharged when used with BAT 026-2 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries and CHG 3512 multi-bay charger—not included). This system ensures private and secure transmission to participants within the listening area. Power supplies, cables and rack mount included. Available options:WIR SYS 1 WHT - US power cord, white emitter WIR SYS 1-04 - Australia power cord, black emitterWIR SYS 1-04 WHT - Australia power cord, white emitter System Includes(1) MOD 232 modulator (with TFP 016 110VAC/24VAC power supply)(1) WIR TX9 emitter (with TFP 010 U.S. power supply)
(1) BKT 024 wall/ceiling mount
(4) WIR RX22-4 receivers
(4) HED 021 headphones
(2) NKL 001 neckloops
(1) RPK 005 rack mount kit
(8) BAT 001 AA alkaline batteries
(1) IDP 008 ADA wall plaque FeaturesSupports additional emitter for additional coverage areaAdjustable volume controlResistant to high-efficiency lighting interferenceNo radio license requiredMic and line inputs5-year warranty (90 days on accessoriesSpecifications BKT 024Base 12" (50.8 mm) round base with four 0.188" (4.8mm) holes on 1.6" (40.6mm) bolt circle for solid surface mountingBase 2T-Bar Clip for drop ceiling railsBase CoverBlack Vinyl, covers either baseShaftsTwo 0.5" (12.7mm) diameter, 2" (50.8mm long aluminum, black. 1/4-20 stud with lock ring.Head190° Tilt, 360° Turn & 360° RotationFinished Lengths2", 4" or 6"Maximum Weight3 lbs (1.36 kg)Shipping Weight0.3 lbs (166.5g) HED 021StyleMono, folding headphonePlug3.5mm monoCord39"Driver Size30 mmNominal Impedance32?Freq. Response20 - 20kHzWeight52gMax Power Input100 mWSensitivity110 dB @ 1kHzReplacement PadsHED 023 (one pair) IDP 00810-3/8" (L) x 6-¼" (W) x 1/8" (H) MOD 232 Architectural and Engineering SpecificationsThe infrared system shall consist of separate modulator and emitter units, with portable receivers. The modulator unit shall be a half-rack style, metal enclosure. A rack panel shall be available to mount one or two modulator units within a single EIA rack space. An adjustable floor stand and mounting bracket shall be available to mount the modulator and emitter together for portable operation.The modulator shall provide two channels of selectable FM carrier signals, 2.3/2.8/3.3/3.8 MHz, so that a single modulator can be used to simultaneously transmit up to two channels, and two modulators can be ganged together to transmit up to four channels simultaneously. The carrier signals shall use 50 kHz deviation and 50 µS pre-emphasis. The carrier signals (baseband) shall be transmitted to one or more emitters by 50 ohm RG58 coaxial cable with BNC-type connectors. A BNC–type baseband input jack and baseband output jack shall be provided on the modulator. The modulator shall be powered by an external 24 VAC, 10 VA, 50-60 Hz power supply, connected via a three-pin Molex power connector.It shall have a rocker-type power switch, power LED indicator, four carrier indicator LEDs and two bar graph-type LED audio indicators. The modulator shall have a modulated IR LED on the front panel for testing purposes, and a headphone jack that accommodates mono and stereo 1/4" headphones, and channel monitoring switch. The modulator shall have two rotary audio input level controls, and a screwdriver adjustable control for varying the input compression from 1:1 or 2:1. The modulator shall have two timers that automatically shut off the carriers when there is no audio signal present for 15 minutes. The modulator shall have two combination input jacks that accept 3-pin XLR plugs for balanced microphone input or 1/4" TRS plugs for balanced or unbalanced line-level inputs. The XLR inputs shall be low impedance, accept signal levels from 100 µV to 90 mV and supply 15 V simplex power per DIN45596. The TRS jacks shall accept balanced or unbalanced audio signal levels from 21 mV to 10 V. The modulator shall have CE, FCC, RoHS, and WEEE approval and carry a five-year parts and labor warranty.*The modulator shall be the Williams Sound model MOD 232. MOD 232Size, Weight:8.5" W x 8.2" D x 1.7" H (21.5 cm x 20.8 cm x 4.4 cm), 3.1 lbs (1.5 kg)Color:Black epoxy paint with white legendsRack Mount:1/2 rack space wide, 1 rack space high, one or two modulators may be mounted in a single IEC rack space with RPK 005 (single) or RPK 006 (double) Rack Mount KitsPower Supply:Wall Transformer, 24 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 15VANorth America: TFP 016, UL/CSAEurope: TFP 027-01, 2-pin Schuko plug, CEUK: TFP 027-02, 3-pin UK plug, CEModulation:FM Wideband, +50 kHz deviation, 50 uS pre-emphasisCarrier Frequency:Channel A: Selectable, 2.3/2.8/3.3/3.8 MHz,Channel B: Selectable, 2.3/2.8/3.3/3.8 MHzSignal-to-Noise Ratio:More than 60dBFrequency Response:30 to 16,000 Hz, +1 dB, -3 dB, electrical responseTotal Harmonic Distortion:Less than 2%, electrical responseAudio Processing:Compression (slope) adjustable from 1:1 or 2:1Switchable compression gain: Moderate: 16dB. Max: 33dBAuto Carrier Shut-Off:15-minute timer shuts off carrier when no audio is present (can be disabled)Power Switch:Two-position push button, ON/OFFPower Indicator:Green LEDAudio Level Controls:CHA and CHB Input Level, rotary knobsAudio Indicators:CHA and CHB Audio Level, 10-segment LED’sCarrier LEDs:4 green LED carrier “on" indicators per channel (indicates frequency, malfunctions)Compress Control:1:1 or 2:1Input Mix LED:Indicates inputs A and B audio are mixed and transmitted by CHA and CHB offStereo LED:Indicates stereo modePhones Switch:Selects CH1 or CH2 for phones when not in stereo modePhones Output:1/4" TRS headphone jack. Accepts stereo, mono and any impedance phones.Infrared Test LED:IR LED for receiver testing, monitoring and audio signal testing.Power Input:3-Pin Molex, 24 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 15 VAAudio Input Jack:CHA and CHB combination XLR/TRS jackMic Level:Balanced, Lo-Z, 100 µV min. to 90 mV max., 1 mV nominal, 3k? input impedance, supplies switchable simplex power per DIN 45596 for condenser micsLine Level:Balanced or unbalanced, 21 mV min. to 10V max., 212 mV nominal, 100 k?Audio Line Output Jacks:RCA Jack, CHA and CHB, 500 mV, unbalanced, 100 ? source impedance, load impedance must be greater than1 k?Configuration Switches:CHA and CHB 8-position DIP switch, selects Mic/Line input, compressor gain, simplex power, discrete or mixed inputs, carrier frequency, channel disable, auto shut-off timerBaseband Input Jack:BNC, allows mixing with additional MOD 232 Modulator (4CH operation), 100 mV, 50 ? input impedance, use with MOD 232 or MOD 112 (111), BNC, RG-58 CableBaseband Output Jack:Two BNC jacks carry baseband signal, 100 mV/channel, 50 ? source impedance, for use with WIR TX9 or MOD 232 onlyApprovals:CE, FCC, RoHS, WEEEOperating Requirements:0-50º C ambient temperature, non-condensing, non-corrosive atmosphereWarranty:5 years on modulator* WIR RX22-4N Architectural and Engineering SpecificationsThe receiver shall be a body-pack type with IR detector lens behind face of the unit.The unit shall have a lanyard for hands-free operation.The receiver shall have a rotary-type volume control.The receiver shall operate for 60 hours with two AA alkaline batteries and for 30 hours per charge with NiMH AA batteries.The receiver shall be charged without battery removal via charger contacts in the case. A drop-in charger accessory shall recharge the batteries in 16 hours when used with CHG 3512 charger.The receiver shall be housed in an impact resistant plastic case with a hinged battery door that does not separate from the receiver.The receiver shall receive 2.3 MHz, 2.8 MHz, 3.3 MHz or 3.8 MHz modulated IR signals with 50 µS de-emphasis. The receiver shall have a 3.5 mm stereo phone jack and accommodate low-impedance mono or stereo earphones and headphones.The receiver shall accommodate neckloop telecoil couplers.The receiver shall provide 125 dB SSPL90 output with HED 021 headphone and 110 dB SSPL90 with EAR 013 earbud-type earphone.The system electrical frequency response shall be 25 Hz to 16 kHz, +1, -3 dB and the S/N ratio shall be 60 dB.The receiver shall have CE, FCC RoHS and WEEE approval. The receiver shall be covered by a five-year parts and labor warranty, excluding earphones, headphones, batteries and chargers.The receiver shall be the Williams Sound model WIR RX22-4. WIR RX22-4NReceiver Style:Body-Pack, dual-lens detector, lanyardSize:4.1" L x 2.85" W x 1.2" H (104.1 mm x 72.4 mm x 30.4 mm)Weight:4.5 oz (127 g) with batteriesColor and Material:BlackLanyard:3 ft (0.91 m), allows receiver to be worn around the neckOperating Temperature:-10° C to +50° CBattery Type:2 x AA, alkaline (BAT 001-2) or NiMH (BAT 026-2)Battery Life:Alkaline: 60 hours, NiMH: 30 hours/chargeBattery Drain:25 mA, nominalCharging Contacts:For use only with CHG 3512Carrier Frequency:Channel 1: 2.3 MHz, Channel 2: 2.8 MHzChannel 3: 3.3 MHz, Channel 4: 3.8 MHzDe-Emphasis:50 uSFM Deviation:±50 kHzSignal-to-Noise Ratio:60 dB min.Squelch:Receiver squelches (mutes) at 40 dB S/N ratioFrequency Response:25 Hz to 16 KHz, +1 dB, -3 dB, electrical responseTotal Harmonic Distortion:Less than 1%, electrical responseControls:ON/OFF/VOLUME: combination thumbwheel knobChannel Selector: four-position rotary switchIndicators:Red LED “ON" indicator, flashes to indicate Low batteryAudio Output Jacks:3.5 mm stereo mini phone jack Accepts 3.5 mm mono or stereo phone plugAudio Output Power:15 mW max at 32 ?Acoustic Output:125 dB SSPL90 with HED 021; 110 dB SSPL90 w/ EAR 013Sensitivity:Better than 1 nW/cm2 for 40 dB signal-to-noise ratioApprovals:CE, FCC, RoHS, WEEEWarranty:5 years on receiver, 90 days on accessoriesCompatible Headphones/Earphones:Mono or stereo, 8-32 ohms, 3.5 mm mini phone plug, HED 021, HED 026, EAR 013, EAR 014, EAR 022, NKL 001 WIR TX9 Architectural and Engineering SpecificationsThe emitter shall be contained in a metal enclosure with a shatter-resistant lens.The emitter shall include an omni-directional mounting bracket for permanent installation and a bracket shall be available for mounting on a floor stand for portable installations.Each emitter shall be powered by a 24 VAC, 50 VA, 50-60 Hz power supply. The power connector shall be a 3-pin Molex-type.The emitter shall have a BNC-type 50 ohm baseband input and a BNC-type baseband 50 ohm output jack. The emitter shall have a repeater circuit to allow multiple numbers of emitters to operate from the baseband signal. The emitter shall have a visible LED indicator for power and for baseband signal. Carrier frequency is 50KHz to 8 MHz.The emitter shall shut off when the baseband signal is not present.The emitter shall provide an effective coverage area of up to 28,000 sq ft (2,600 sq m) in single-channel mode and up to 18,000 sq ft (1,700 sq. m) in two-channel mode when using the RX22-4, or RX18 receivers.The emitter shall be convection-cooled, without fans.The emitter shall have CE, FCC, RoHS, and WEEE approval and carry a five-year warranty on parts and labor.The emitter shall be Williams Sound model WIR TX9. WIR TX9Dimensions, Weight:11.25" W x 6.25" H x 2.125" D (28.6 cm x 15.9 cm x 5.4 cm), 1.9 lbs (0.9 kg)Color:Black with White legends, red acrylic lens (Available in white)Power Supply:Wall Transformer, 24 VAC, 50-60Hz, 35 VA, 3-pin MOLEX ConnectorNorth America: TFP 010, UL/CSAEurope: TFP 027-01, 2-pin Schuko plug, CEUK: TFP 027-02, 3-pin UK plug, CENote: Each WIR TX9 requires its own power supplyPower Cable:NEC Class 2 wiring, two-conductor, 18 ga, 200’ (61m) max. lengthIndicators:Green LED power indicator, red LED baseband indicatorCarrier Frequency:50 kHz to 8 MHzEmitter IR Power:3.5 wattsCoverage Area for each TX9:28,000 sq. ft. (2600 sq. m) in single channel mode when using the RX22-4 Receiver18,000 sq. ft (1700 sq. m) in two channel mode when using the RX22-4 Receiver11,000 sq. ft (1000 sq. m) in four channel mode when using the RX22-4 Receiver (22,000 ft2 with two TX9’s)3,500 sq. ft (325 sq. m) in single channel mode when using the RX15-2 Receiver3,063 sq. ft (285 sq. m) in single channel mode when using the RX18 Receiver (See coverage area diagrams)Baseband Input:BNC, 100 mV per carrier, 50 ?, for use with WIR TX9, WIR TX90 or MOD 232 onlyBaseband Output:BNC, 50 ?, for use with TX9 onlyBaseband Cable:RG 58 Coax, BNC connectors, maximum 1000’ (300m) lengthOperating Requirements:0-50º C ambient temperature, non-condensing, non-corrosive atmosphereMounting Kits:Wall or Ceiling Mount: BKT 024 Omnidirectional mount, Mic Stand Kit: SS-11 or SS-6Warranty:5 years on emitter, 90 days on accessoriesApprovals:CE, FCC, RoHS, WEEECompatible Receivers:WIR RX22-4 Four-Channel Receiver, RX18 Two-Channel Receiver and RX15-2 Two-Channel Receiver


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