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Overviewne8250 amplifier plus OPDante and OPDAC8 Option CardsOPDante: Option Card (Dante Network Audio Interface)OPDAC8: Option Card (Internal 8-Channel DAC - Digital to Analog Converter) with Selectable HPFThese NE Series Amplifiers are uniquely designed around an energy efficient Class-D platform with...


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ne8250 amplifier plus OPDante and OPDAC8 Option Cards

OPDante: Option Card (Dante Network Audio Interface)
OPDAC8: Option Card (Internal 8-Channel DAC - Digital to Analog Converter) with Selectable HPF

These NE Series Amplifiers are uniquely designed around an energy efficient Class-D platform with a switching power supply.

Connecting and controlling an amplifier for networked systems has now been simplified with Network-Enabled Amplifiers. This line offers ease of use, setup and control using standard 10/100 Ethernet protocol and Protea ne Software. No special outboard control units are needed. Choose either 4-channel ne4250 or 8-channel ne8250 amplifiers are rated at 250W per channel with separate HI-Z and LO-Z models.

ne Series amplifiers are offered in two separate platforms-the standard network amplifier or a network amplifier with an on-board Protea DSP Processor. Each can be customized for any installation by adding your choice of AES3 inputs, mic pre inputs* or a Dante or CobraNet card.

NE Multi-Channel amplifiers are also offered with 240V Line Voltage in either Low-Z or 100V constant voltage output models for International customers.

Power Ratings

Continuous Average Power Output: Per Channel, All Channels Driven

4-Channel Models

ne4250: 250W @ 4?, 150W @ 8?, 500W @ 8? (bridged)
ne4250.25: 250W @ 25V
ne4250.70: 250W @ 70V
ne4250.10: 250W @ 100V

8-Channel Models

ne8250: 250W @ 4?, 150W @ 8?, 500W @ 8? (bridged)
ne8250.25: 250W @ 25V
ne8250.70: 250W @ 70V
ne8250.10: 250W @ 100V


  • 10/100 Ethernet comes standard for remote control and monitoring
  • FIR Filter capable (with DSP)
  • Low-Z, 25V, 70V, 100V models
  • Protea DSP, AES3, CobraNet and Dante input options
  • DC voltage remote gain control
  • Switched-mode power supply, Class-D output
  • Stepped, calibrated input attenuators
  • Remote power standby
  • Disable all front panel controls via software
  • Temperature sensitive variable speed fan with side-to-front airflow
  • Selectable HPF frequencies (80Hz, 400Hz, off) on 25V, 70V, and 100V models
  • 4-stage level meters
  • Output current and temp indicators
  • Safety/Compliance: cTUVus, CE, FCC, RoHS

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