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Targeted for the performance installation and constant voltage markets these amplifiers add a new level of power and control from the simplest to most advanced audio system applications. The models include both four and eight channel low impedance 25V 70V...


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Targeted for the performance installation and constant voltage markets these amplifiers add a new level of power and control from the simplest to most advanced audio system applications. The models include both four and eight channel low impedance 25V 70V and 100V amplifiers and provide 250W of power per channel. Network Enabled (NE) amplifiers offer ease of use full setup control and monitoring using standard 10/100 Ethernet protocol and Protea NE Software. No special outboard control units are needed. NE Series amplifiers are offered two ways; standard input with euroblock connectors and "pe" (Protea Enabled) with euroblock input connectors and world renowned Protea DSP signal processing.

The DSP library is extensive and utilizes two SHARC 32-bit/96kHz processors. Processing blocks include Graphic Parametric Notch and Shelving Equalization High- Low- and All-Pass Filters (HPF/LPF/APF) with up to 48dB/Octave slopes Delay Compressor/Limiter Gate Ducking Auto-leveler Gain and Signal Generators (sinewave white and pink noise). A full Matrix Mixer with assignable routing allows any input to drive any or all amplifier outputs. Presets can be used to store and retrieve global parameters of an entire amplifier's control surface and DSP section.

Additionally each amplifier also provides DC voltage control of the attenuators which makes it a snap to control volume from remote locations preset recall Remote Power Standby and data in and out ports for connecting accessories like the WR-5 to control user selected parameters. There are LED indicators for power standby protect network communications and each channel has a four-step signal meter bridge mono temperature and current indicators. Four-channel Mic-pre AES/EBU and Cobranet input modules will be available as options.

Eight and Four Channel Amplifiers
Ethernet control is standard
Low-Z 25V 70V and 100V Models
Extensive DSP Available
Easy and intuitive user interface
Extensive protection circuitry
Safety/Compliance: cTUVus/FCC CE (pending) RoHS
Level attenuators for each channel
Power switch can be disabled by software
4-Step Signal Level and Clip LEDs
10/100 Ethernet port
Euroblock inputs and outputs
Remote level control
Preset recall
Remote power standby
Data in and out ports


Front Panel
Controls: Individual input attenuators, AC Power Switch
Cooling: Temp dependent speed-controlled fan (Front in, Side out)
Front Panel LED Indicators: Unit Status
POWER (Blue): Switch: On, Off
STANDBY (Yellow): Standby, flashing
PROTECT (Red): On, Off
DISABLE (Yellow): On, Off
COM (Green): On, for Ethernet data or Device ID
Front Panel LED Indicators: Each Channel
Red: Clip
Yellow: -6dB
Green: -18dB, -12dB
BRIDGE (Green): Per Channel Pair
TEMP (Yellow): Per Channel
CURRENT (Green): Per Channel: Proportional to output
Rear Panel: Controls
Ethernet 10/100, Channel bridge switch (Low-Z only), Remote standby, Preset recall (4), Remote Level (8), Remote Data
Rear Panel: Connectors (each channel)
Input: Euroblock
Output: Euroblock
Frequency Response
20Hz-20kHz, (unweighted) +/-1dB
Input Impedance
20k Ohms, Balanced
Voltage Gain
26dB (Low-Z), 32dB (70V),
35dB (100V)
6.2dBu (Low-Z), 4.2dBu (25V), 7.2dBu (70V), 7.2dBu (100V)
Maximum Input Level
Software Controlled Internal HPF
80Hz (12dB/oct), 400Hz (6dB oct), OFF (25V, 70V, 100V models)
Distortion (8 Ohm load)
(SMPTE) <0.5% typical
(THD-N) <0.5% typical (20Hz-20kHz)
Damping Factor (8 Ohms, 1kHz)
Output Circuitry
Class D
Amplifier/Load Protection
Output Over current, Main Supply, Rail Overvoltage, Chassis Temperature, Inrush Limiting, Mains Fuse
40 to 120deg. F, (4 to 49deg. C) noncondensing
AC Main
120V or 240V AC, +/-10% 50-60Hz
Power Cable Connector
15A Edison, 3-Prong IEC
Continuous Average Power Output
8 Ohms: 150W
4 Ohms: 250W (Per Channel, Low Z models, Stereo Mode, All Channels Driven)
Low Z Output
8 Ohms: 500W (Bridge Mode, All Channels Driven)
Distributed Output Models
25V (per channel): 250W
70V (per channel): 250W
100V (per channel): 250W (20Hz-20kHz 1% THD)
Line Current Draw
Standby Mode: 190mA
Idle (no signal): 540mA
Typical (1/8 power pink noise): 2.85A
Maximum (1/3 power pink noise): 6.00A (120VAC Mains (divide in half for 230V))
Thermal Dissipation
Standby mode: 46.7
Idle (no signal): 123
Typical (1/8 power pink noise): 341
Maximum (1/3 power pink noise): 378 (BTU/hr, All Channels Driven)
Signal to Noise
20-20k, Unweighted: >107dB
Dimensions (W x H x D)
19 x 3.5 x 16.84" (48.26 x 8.89 x 42.77cm)
23lbs (10.43kg)




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