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Allen & Heath ME-1 Personal Monitor Mixing Station The ME-1 Personal Mixer puts the musician in control of their own monitor mix. Each performer can be given a tailored setup that works perfectly for them whether they crave maximum control...

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Allen & Heath ME-1 Personal Monitor Mixing Station The ME-1 Personal Mixer puts the musician in control of their own monitor mix. Each performer can be given a tailored setup that works perfectly for them whether they crave maximum control over the fine details of their mix or just want the minimum of keys to press. Operation is intuitive and elegant with simple controls clear visual feedback and custom naming for instant familiarity.   ME-1 is the cornerstone of the ME Personal Mixing System and is ready to use with the Allen & Heath iLive and GLD series Live Sound > Mixing Consoles > Digital Mixers. ME-1 is complemented by the ME-U hub which opens up the benefits of ME to users of other professional Live Sound > Mixing Consoles > Digital Mixers via Dante EtherSound or MADI. ME-1 also has an Aviom® compatibility mode for use with Aviom® Pro16® systems. Features: Fully customizable Intuitive operation Compact smart design 40 sources from GLD or iLive Compatible with MADI Dante or EtherSound* Daisy chain or use standard PoE Ethernet hubs 16 assignable keys to suit application *via ME-U hub Details: Equally at home on stage in rehearsal rooms houses of worship or recording studios with ME everyone benefits from slicker soundchecks lower sound levels on stage and quicker setups while the engineer will be saving precious buses on the mixer and cutting the time spent tweaking monitor mixes. Whether you are monitoring on Headphones wired or wireless in-ears using drum thrones or local speakers the ME Personal Mixing System offers access to an unprecedented number of channels rugged Allen & Heath construction and unrivalled sound quality.   16 assignable user keys Backlit rubber keys make ME-1 controls perfectly visible in the dark. The 16 user keys can be assigned to a single source (mono or stereo) or to a Group with all the convenience of pressing a single button no matter what you want to control - the vocalist mic a stereo pair or the whole drumkit. Preset store/recall can be enabled or disabled per key to present only the control that is needed. 16 user presets Levels pan mutes and key assignments can all be stored and recalled at the touch of a button. Presets for different bands and application scenarios can be conveniently copied to USB key or the whole configuration saved. Ideal for archiving or quick transferring to other units.   Groups Groups make it possible to mix up to 40 sources with only 16 keys. They also save a lot of buses at the main console: whereas other personal monitor systems rely on subgroups and pre-mixes sent from the console ME-1 has the sophistication to  do it all on-board whilst remaining easy to use.   OLED screen Provides a clear display of level and pan for the selected source system setup and information menus and a highly responsive stereo signal meter. Can be dimmed for low-light operation.   Custom Naming It helps to know which source you are tweaking! ME-1 can display custom names for all channels and groups. When coupled with an Allen & Heath GLD system using dSNAKE the ME-1 does the work for you by picking up source names automatically from the stream.   One knob controls everything A single large rotary control beneath the display is used to access and navigate all of ME-1’s most commonly used functions and menus including: Input control of level & pan Group control of master level Level/pan for each member of the group Control of master EQ and limiter Global Trim (simultaneously adjusts all channel levels to prevent running the mix too hot) Master level and key Dedicated control and key to access the Master 3-band EQ and limiter settings. Built-in ambient mic With ME-1 musicians are not isolated from the rest of the stage. The ambient mic keeps them in touch with the stage sound and lets them hear the audience and communicate with each other without the need to pull out their ear pieces. The local mic level is independent of the master level control. Solo and Mute keys Individual sources groups or masters can be muted. Use the Solo key to meter and listen to just their contribution to the mix. Shifted functions System setup standby mode and preset store are protected from accidental operation by holding Shift while pressing other keys. All input levels can be simultaneously trimmed by holding Shift while turning the rotary. Headphones Minijack and 1/4” headphone outputs with powerful discrete amplifier design.   Mono Out 1/4” TRS balanced line out (mix only no ambient mic). Aux Input Stereo input for local sources such as MP3 players or click tracks. Sensitivity is well matched to portable consumer devices. Link In / Out Secure and reliable EtherCon connectors for daisy chaining or star topology using ME-U or off-the-shelf Ethernet switches for any number of ME-1 mixers. DC In ME-1 can be powered via Cat5 using a PoE switch or the ME-U hub or mains powered using the included power supply.   USB port For firmware updates archiving / transferring individual presets or the full configuration or charging portable devices! Free standing or surface mounted Mount on top of a mic stand with the built-in 3/8” insert or mount on the side of the stand with the supplied bracket.   Specifications Inputs 40 Inputs (CAT5), Stereo Aux, ambient mic Outputs 2 x stereo (Line or Headphones), mono line out Control Input: Level, Mute, Pan, Solo, Trim All Master: Level, Mute, 3-band EQ, Limiter Group: Level, Mute, Level/Pan for sources within a Group Groups 16; up to 40 sources assignable Presets 16; Store input levels, Mutes, Pans, Key assign, Names, Group sources Configuration Stores setup and all presets Name Channels, Keys, Unit, Presets, Configuration Data Port USB: Individual presets or config transfer, firmware update CAT5 Audio and PoE: Link In and Link Out, locking etherCON connectors Stereo Output Stereo 1/4" and 3.5 mm jacks Headphones: 300 mW + 300 mW into 100 ? load < Maximum +21 dBu Mono Output Balanced TRS jack Nominal 0 dBu, maximum +18 dBu AUX Input Stereo 3.5 mm jack Nominal -8 dBu, Maximum +10 dBu Input Impedance >10 k? AD/DA Conversion 24-bit Delta/Sigma, 48 kHz Residual Output Noise 48 kHz -95 dBu (Level down, 20 to 20 kHz) Frequency Response +0/-1 dB, 10 Hz to 20 kHz Power Mains: 100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz In, 12 VDC 1.25 A Out Power over CAT5 Cable (PoE): 10 W (Requires 13 W from PoE hub) 1 Please Note: PoE hub sold separately close Dimensions (W x D x H) 8.9 x 5.9 x 2.2" (225 x 150 x 55 mm) Weight 2.0 lb (900 g) including phones hook Packaging Info Package Weight 4.7 lb Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 13.2 x 11.3 x 6.3"


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