Who We Are

TBTN Pro Audio & Lighting is a members only buyers club for professional audio & lighting equipment, founded in 2012.  We also provide rental equipment including speakers, lighting, and DJ gear for parties, weddings, and events in the Los Angeles area. 


We are a private sales environment. Our prices cannot be shared publicly, so please don't post our products on social media or other marketplaces.  We are members only.

Memberships are FREE! Sign up and begin enjoying discounts on all of your favorite speakers, subwoofers, headphones, DJ gear, lights, mixers, and more! 

The Team:


TBTN Pro Audio and Lighting was founded by Baker Wiles, a DJ, audiophile, and lover of all things good and groovy. Baker, 31, is originally from Minnesota but has lived in Los Angeles for the last nine years.  He plays piano and has been DJing since  2011.  He prefers breakbeats, drum and bass, and hip hop.  Baker is the CEO, founder and front man of our parent company,Take Back the Night Productions, Inc.


Kevin Moore, 33, based out of Orange County, is our resident web developer and graphic designer, and the owner of Pixel Juice Media. Both our logo and this entire site were created by Pixel Juice. Follow his projects at www.pixeljuicemedia.com  


In 2012 a suggestion from a friend while trying to buy some speakers turned into an avenue for the Los Angeles DJ community to get their professional music and recording equipment at a below retail rate.  After that, we developed a basic product website to make it easier for our friends to have access to the DJ gear that they needed. Soon, with the brand growing in popularity, we figured, why not go public? 

We added thousands of products and officially launched TBTN Pro Audio and Lighting on February 1, 2018. 

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